Man buys 50 McDonalds’ Burger and what he does Next will amaze you.


When someone walks into a Burger shop, no one expects him to order more than a few. But this man ordered 50 Burgers which left the cashier a bit astonished.


The YouTube personality who goes by Lextasy had his wife capture the whole thing and you can see in the heartwarming video below just how taken aback the chipper woman behind the counter is when the man says, “I want to order 50 cheeseburgers.”

Don’t worry, he was not trying to satiate his own hunger or perhaps compete in an extreme eating competition. Instead, Lextasy and his wife decided to drive around the town and pass out the warm food to homeless individuals in his community.


As the video shows, the pair were on their way to find people they could help. That’s when they instantly spotted a familiar face. Have a look at the video below:


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