Man finds 2 little pups stuck in a well but a Cobra sitting with them and this is What happened Next.


Cobras are well known for their unfriendly demeanor and for their sneaky predatory behavior.

So when two puppies found themselves inside the bottom of a snake pit, they, along with the man that found all three animals, were undeniably afraid of what might happen!

The incident took place in the state of Punjab, India, where two small puppies accidentally fell into a well. When the puppy’s canine mother started barking tirelessly, their owner soon realized what had happened to the two pups.

The man approached the well and looked down to see something truly terrifying: A king cobra was sitting next to the two puppies!

Although initially afraid, the man soon realized that the king cobra, sitting “confidently” next to them, didn’t seem to have any interest in injuring the little puppies. On the contrary, he felt that the snake seemed to be almost protecting the two puppies!

The two pups spent 48 hours in the well with their unlikely new friend until the help finally arrived. When the rescuers got into action to help the puppies, the cobra instinctively backed away to one side of the well.

Fortunately, the rescue saga had a happy ending—the pups were completely unharmed and the cobra was released safely back into the forest.

This story proves once again that we should not judge anyone from one’s appearance.

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