Man Gets His Lost ID With An Incredible Letter, Read To Know More

Have you ever lost any of your original document like driving license, any bank card or any certificate ever?

Well, if you have ever did then you might feel the pain you have to go through. Losing anything is easy but to get it back or issue a new one is very hard.

Whether it costs to replace them or not, it’s a major inconvenience, and after contacting the places you’ve been you can only hope that some random hero has been good enough to hand in your stuff.

Owen Wilson-Brown found himself in this unfortunate situation, but luckily had an absolute legend find his driver’s licence.

Owen and his mates had been at the music festival, Benicassim, when he lost his ID. Having lost it on the sunny coast of Spain, Owen assumed that he would never see his driver’s license again.

“I was at the festival in Spain a couple of weeks ago and fell asleep on the beach one night,”Owen said. “When I woke up everything I had on me had been stolen; so my phone, cash, cards and my driving license had gone.”

“I got home to England then a few days ago out of the blue I receive this letter in the post containing my stolen licence and the letter with it. I thought it was genius.”

A fellow festival-goer had found his ID, and sent it back to him with a letter explaining how Samaritan

The letter writes:

“Dear Owen Wilson-Brown,

“Myself and several of my peers visited the well known Spanish festival ‘Bennicassim’ last week. Among all of the beers, bands and portaloos I happened to find your UK driving license.

“I can only assume that you are as ladsy as me and got absolutely shitfaced to Kasabian and lost many things, including your head, dignity and indeed identification.”

It continues: “Well luckily for yourself it feel into my possession and as a self-proclaimed Samaritan of ‘the sesh’ I thought it would only be best to take this ID under my wing and deliver it back to you in the UK.

“I can only hope you haven’t bought a new one. However, if you have, at least you have a spare one to go and get leathered and lost again!

“Yours sincerely, The Milkman.”

Owen told how he ended up falling asleep on a beach: “I was just having a good time with my mates and we fell asleep. I know who he is [now], I got hold of him as there was an address and real name on the letter which is underneath where I put my license on the picture.”

Unfortunately Owen had already paid for a new licence, but I think we’ll agree this exchange is pretty timeless.

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