This Man Photoshops Himself Into Celebrity Photographs Is Hilarious

Most celebrities aren’t exactly known for hanging around with ‘average’ people, but for this guy, they make an exception. Meet Robert Van Impe, also known as Average Rob, a self-described ‘mediocre dude’ from Belgium who happens to be anything but mediocre at Photoshop.

He is an INSTAGRAM prankster where he flexes his Photoshop skills by cropping himself into celebrity photos for his over 168 thousands followers.  Follow him @averagerob.

He wrote: “Haters will say it’s Photoshop”.

Good old days… 😢 #RIPBrangelina

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In one photo, Rob is seen cheekily flashing his bum at Spiderman during one of the iconic scenes in the Marvel Movie.

While another snap sees him falling asleep on a bus while sat next to Eminem in a scene from his film 8 Mile.

There’s always a guy who doesn’t take your job seriously…

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Check out the pictures below:


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