Maria Miri Domark Is Probably The Hottest Soldier In The World


Innocent-looking Maria Miri Domark, 20, is not your average model. The stunning young lady with a Barbie-like figure is also a highly trained soldier in the Israeli army.




As required by the Israeli government, all women aged 18 to 26 in the country serve a mandatory military service for two to three years.



When Domark is not sporting bikinis or designer clothes for her modeling agency Yuli Group, she spends her time fulfilling her duties as a member of the Israel Defense Forces.


Her gorgeous photos have been gaining a huge following via her Instagram account which now has over 850,000 subscribers.




Aside from modeling for her agency, she also finds time to pose for her photographer friends. She showcases some of their work on her Facebook account.



While it is not uncommon to find beautiful female soldiers with M-16 rifles slung over their shoulders in Israel, Domark’s unique charisma and budding modeling career has helped boost her online popularity with several websites taking notice.

























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