Meet April Gloria The Most Convincing Taylor Swift Lookalike

I don’t think that the name Taylor Swift needs to be introduced, after all, she is one of the leading contemporary singer and songwriter in America and a youth icon too. Her signature style already has received widespread media coverage and a huge popularity among her fans. Probably most of you want to have that flawless look like Swift. Similarly, here I’ll introduce you to April Gloria, the most Convincing lookalike of Taylor.





No! don’t confuse above picture it’s not Taylor, it’s her most Convincing doppelganger April Gloria.


I am damn sure you are already jealous to see that a girl lookalike your style icon. But you cannot resist wondering that how convincingly April Gloria resemble Taylor.


From the super dark lipstick to the smoky eyes, April flawlessly recreates Swift’s looks.


The resemblance doesn’t end there, April has become one of the most famous Instagrammers since she nailed Taylor Swift’s cat-eyed, red lipstick signature look. Visit April Gloria’s Instagram, and you’ll be amazed to see the doppelganger of Taylor.






Also, there you’ll get to see all the best beauty looks of Taylor Swift recreated by April Gloria.


I am sure April’s Instagram is all enough to convince you that there are probably two Taylors as she is a perfect lookalike of Taylor Swift.


April Gloria even followed the dark makeup phase of Taylor and switched to the choker necklaces and those dark lip shades.


We must say, April, the lookalike of Taylor, is definitely a loyal fan of Taylor Swift as she never misses any chance to copy her ideal Taylor.


Undoubtedly, makeup is an amazing art to learn. We wish April Gloria starts her own YouTube channel so that we all can find how perfectly she gets her makeup to lookalike Taylor.


Check out her more photos below:



















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