Meet the couple who run a sex club after discovering their shared love of swinging on their FIRST date

A couple who are spicing up their sex life by opening their bedroom door to strangers have revealed how their swinging lifestyle brings them closer.

Lawrence, 31, and Jess, 25, started engaging in sex with other couples around five years ago.

And since then, the sexually curious couple have been hosting their events after launching their own swingers club called Our Secret Spot hidden in Sydney.

The club connects like-minded couples and single women so they can explore their wildest fantasies, such as BDSM, fetish, orgies, threesomes or foursomes.

Here, the adventurous pair share a glimpse into their lives – and how swinging has strengthened their five-year relationship.

Explaining how their relationship works, the pair insisted they were not in an open relationship but they explore their sex life by mingling with other people together.

“We play with other people”, Jess said.

Jess said she came clean about her double life to her family about two years into their relationship.

“I explained that me and my partner were getting into the swinging and we’ve opened up this club together as well”, she said.

“They definitely got a little bit confused, concerned, I mean I’m their baby daughter, so of course, it’s your child, you want to look after them.”

“But once I explained exactly what it is, and how comfortable I’m in this lifestyle, how I can express all my feelings and emotions, they kind of warmed up to it.”

Entrance costs between $100 to $200 a night for couples who are not members and $20- $50 for single women. The entry fee includes condoms, lubricant, towels, a locker and refreshments.


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