Meet The Chubby Model With ‘World’s Sexiest Curves’ who became everyone’s fantasy


It’s unfortunate that body confidence isn’t as widely celebrated as it should be. Women today have a misconception of what beauty is due to the standards that are set by the media. A woman shouldn’t have to obtain all these unrealistic features to feel confident in her own skin. Feeling beautiful and happy in the body you were born with is one of the greatest feelings of acceptance a person can experience.


That’s why The Body Confidence Revolution (TBCR) was created. It’s a movement focused on eradicating body shaming and helping people of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable in their own skin. Jess Megan is one of the ambassadors of the movement, posting photos everyday of the body that she’s proud to have.

The media today has set an incredibly high standard of beauty.

They fill film, television and social networks with very slim figures who discourage women around the world to want to eat and have even caused women to go on eating disorders.

Fortunately, however, girls today are starting to acknowledge that other body types are okay. They’re realizing that a woman’s curves are actually something to celebrate.

A lot of “supermodels” that are praised for their beauty are proud of what physically characterizes them.

Today, however, we talk about a woman who’s a little different and actually worth admiring.

Meet Jess Megan.

She’s the world ambassador of the “Confidence Revolution” movement.

She is quite the beauty. She undoubtedly has a face and smile that’s difficult to resist. Her beauty isn’t the only thing attractive about her. She has the personality and charisma to go with it, making her incredibly desirable.
She proudly uses the Hashtag #TBCR in many of her photos. The hashtag is used to tell the world that these girls are happy with their bodies, despite whatever fashion standards may say about female beauty.The models of the Magazine are Photoshop-free. They will be all shapes, ages, sizes, ethnicities and abilities. Jess Megan starting from Tumblr has raised leaps and bounds. A little chubby but she has become the fantasy of many people. Who doesn’t love a Woman with flesh and curves? Look at these photos below to prove my point:

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