Mia Khalifa Has Managed To Offend A Lot Of People With Instagram Post


In news that will probably shock absolutely no one, Mia Khalifa’s latest Instagram post has caused a bit of controversy.

In her latest post Mia has super-imposed a picture of her face onto the body of the Virgin Mary with the caption: ‘When a news outlet mistakes Malala for Mia Khalifa’.

Now, comparing herself to the mother of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is actually quite tame considering some of the stuff Mia has posted in the past, but nonetheless, when it comes to religion, it’s usually best to leave it well alone.

There is a bit of background to the post, though, other than just stirring things up (although, I’m sure she’s thoroughly enjoyed that, too). Earlier this week, Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize laureate, was photographed during her first week at Oxford University.

Somehow, a number of people mistook the images of Malala for Mia. Awkward.

Mia seemed to think the whole thing was a bit of a laugh, though, and shared the super-imposed image as her as the Virgin Mary in response.

Comments ranged from calling her a ‘disgrace‘ to ‘one thing for sure, you will rot in hell‘, another said: ‘after this act I will never look at your videos anymore‘, which is a sort of an odd moral-stance.

Others appeared to see the funny side and responded with the crying laughing emoji. It’s very much a mixed bag.

Anyone else think that Mia probably doesn’t care what anyone else thinks?

Earlier this month, the former-porn-star made the far less controversial move of donating her month’s income from Twitch.TV, $5,110.70 (£3874), to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Appeal.

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