Mia Khalifa recently posted 3 pictures of her and the internet went Ga-ga over it.


Mia Khalifa, who hasn’t heard this name. She has been the most popular PornStar in the last 5 years and recently she left the Porn Industry to become a full time commentator.

But along with commentary, she usually uploads Seductive and raunchy pictures of herself on her Instagram and her Twitter handle. These 3 pictures which she uploaded few weeks back had all her fans go GAGA over it and why not. Look at the pictures below:


In respect to these pictures, she got some very lovable and also very aggresive somments. But that’s Part and Parcel of life, right MIA?

Here are some other pictures of the DIVA from her Instagram account:


Caps in 4.

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When he asks you to send nudes

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