Mia Khalifa Tried Flirting With An Athlete On Twitter and what happened Next even she didn’t expect


Mia Khalifa, the porn artist who is most famous for her successful career as a pornographic actress from 2014 to 2015. The star became the most searched name during this period and minted a lot of money by showing bold and beautiful avatar in the porn industry. Mia Khalifa has often made headlines for insulting players who tried messaging her personally. The porn star stays really active on Twitter and often tries to gather limelight by posting controversial tweets to celebrities and sports stars.

Mia was in the news after being spotted playing basketball with a player. Remember how Mia became a talk of the town for punching one of her fans who tried clicking a selfie with her?

Again, the porn star is back in the news for flirting with a football player, Baker Matfield on Twitter. Mia made attempts to lure the athlete with her seductive tweets, but looks like all her attempts went in vain.

Here’s what Mia Khalifa tweeted to Baker Mayfield:


Mia’s attempts to woo Baker Mayfield failed with his one tweet. But, we are sure that after reading Baker’s tweet his girlfriend would have jumped with joy. Here’s what he tweeted in reply to Mia’s question:

The reply was not enough. Baker Mayfield even blocked the pornstar and gave her taste of her own medicine. Mia, who make attempts at insulting others on Twitter, very first time, got in an embarrassing situation.

Baker Mayfield has raised the bar for every boyfriend out there. His girlfriend is surely the luckiest in the world. And Mia, she would never have expected such reply from Baker. Well it shows when a Man loves his Girl No Boobs can take him away.

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