Mia Khalifa’s attempt to troll Isaiah Thomas went horribly wrong


Porn star Mia Khalifa tried to entertain with words rather than her body as her beloved Washington Wizards defeated Boston Celtics in Game 6 of their Eastern Conference semi-finals.

A John Wall three-pointer just before the buzzer gave the Wizards a one-point win over Boston, sending the series to a deciding Game 7.

Khalifa attempted to make fun of Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas for his small stature in an effort to add salt to Boston’s wound.


This time, her own twitter followers got after her for mocking Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas‘s height on Friday night while she attended Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals in Washington.

Now, Thomas is shorter than your average NBA player. Much shorter, in fact. He’s only 1.75m tall. But Khalifa’s jab is fundamentally flawed because he’s still much taller than her.

The 24-year-old stands at a petite 1.57m. We’re no experts when it comes to human anatomy, but we’re pretty sure that means Thomas wouldn’t have much difficulty reaching Khalifa’s “tiddies”, as she so delicately puts it.

The Twittersphere noticed the bizarre oversight and let rip at Khalifa.

The rest of the tweets were about her line of work or her body, but Khalifa often seems to invites a lot of her own haters to respond to her behavior. Khalifa may be retired from the adult film industry, but she’s still an online celebrity actively trolling figures like Embiid and Thomas.

Whether Khalifa is blowing up Chad Kelly’s spot or exposing NFL stars sliding into her DMs, Khalifa has made a habit of making waves. And she’s parlayed that into occupying a strange place in the sports world, particularly in Washington D.C. She’s a frequent podcaster and most of her online presence is in discussing sports.

And that’s good! Who doesn’t like to talk about sports online? But the line between being an ordinary fan and being a celebrity follower of a sports team is a fine one. Hers is a unique power to wield, and when her very public trolling backfires the results are usually ugly.


This will probably get lost in a few million notifications given his last few weeks, so maybe he never even sees the slight.

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