After Missing Assignment 19-Year-Old Sends Honest Email And Twitter Loves Her Professor’s Reply


19-year-old Rachel Harriman went through a particularly emotional weekend before an assignment of hers was due and turning it in on time simply wasn’t an option.

She hunkered down and wrote an email to her Professor.

Unfortunately, Rachel went through a difficult breakup the weekend before her assignment was due. Because of the weekend drama, she found it impossible to finish her assignment.

And because of that, she wrote an E-Mail to her professor starting the Mail with an apology  just read the E-Mail that she sent below:

She then Honestly explained what actually happened in her life,

And assured that it won’t happen again and will submit the assignment “NEXT SUNDAY” as she will have no one to break up.


Of course, Rachel did what she thought was best. But the thing that shocked everyone was the reply that she got from her Professor.

The Professor wrote,

Damn!! Now that’s the type of Professor everyone dreams of and Twitter reacted to this conversation. Watch the Twitter Reactions below:


Nevertheless, Happy that Rachel got the support of her Professor. And HEY WE WANT MORE PROFESSOR LIKE HIM.

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