Model Claims To Have Sold Her Virginity for This Simple Reason

A 19 year old teenager from the US claims to have sold her virginity for a record shattering $3 million to an Arab business man on the notorious Cinderella Escorts website.

The scandalous business is actually run by Jan Zakobielski from his apartment in Dortmund. He will pocket 20 percent of the auction price and insists that the meeting will be carried out safely.


Giselle wants to pay her tuition fees

Giselle will use the money to pay her tuition fees, travel around the world and even purchase a house. “I would never have dreamed that the bid would rise so high and we would have reached 2.5 million euros” remarks Giselle.


A disturbing trend

Cinderella Escorts hosts various listings from around the world and first rose to immense fame after the auction of 18 year old Romanian model, Alexandara Khefren, who sold her first experience for $2.6 million to an uber rich business man from Hong Kong.


Many auctions soon followed

A worrisome trend was soon to follow in its wake. For instance, a 26 year old British student, Jasmin put up her virginity for sale claiming its better to sell it off than give it to a man who will dump her anyway.


The website reads like a typical dating site

What’s even more worrisome is how the website reads like your typical dating site, listing each girl’s hobbies and interests – as if they were searching for real partners and not selling their bodies online. The eerie website has taken the internet by a storm.


What the owner of the business has to say

The owner of the website Zakobielski, 27, claims that most rich men like exclusive things such as old wine or luxury cars which are available in small quantity. And a woman can offer her virginity only once in her lifetime.


The girls will be accompanied under proper security

Giselle claims that she will be accompanies by security personnel to the meeting and she could opt out of it at any time if she feels uncomfortable or if the customer was not a ‘gentleman’. This will ensure their safety.


The girls have to pass tests

Zakobielski says that his business rejects many women on a daily basis if they don’t pass certain psychological tests, or if he believes they are being forced against their will to put their bodies up for sale.


The girls also have to look good

It is obvious that the girls must look absolutely stunning and fit the definition of beauty according to the standards set by society. That is after all, how you attract rich businessmen and actors to shell out big bucks.


The girls have to prove their virginity

The biggest gimmick for the website is virginity. Girls will have to prove that this is indeed their first time. Customers can either bring a doctor with them to the meeting and verify it or one will be provided for them.


Giselle claims it is a form of emancipation

While it may be shocking news to many people in the UK, Giselle sees it as a form of emancipation. All those crippling student debts and sky high property prices in Britain won’t be easy for her to pay.


A Hollywood actor was outbid

Many businessmen and actors alike were eyeing the 19 year old virgin. The Abu Dhabi business man had to shell out $3 million to win her. Giselle claims that the second highest bidder was from a person who was actually a Hollywood actor.


Giselle felt it was better to work with an agency

Giselle had planned to sell her virginity elsewhere but later found that working for Cinderella Escorts would have been far safer. On the plus side she got offered $3 million, an extremely high price as far as typical fares go.


Giselle is no exception

A spokesman for the website reported that girls from all over the world want to sell their virginity. They feature from countries such as Australia, Europe, Africa and Arab countries. They all have one thing in common – to pay for college tuition.


Is student debt the only reason?

Student debt or expensive real estate aren’t the only reasons why so many girls are taking to Cinderella Escorts to auction their virginity, their logic goes like this, “It is better to do it this way than at some drunken party.”


What about legal issues?

Although such transactions are illegal in both the United States and UK, the meeting will take place at a hotel I Germany where this practice is legal.

Giselle says :

“My future plans include starting my own business”¬†

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