Watch: Monkey grabs woman’s breasts as husband shouts ‘Hey! Hey! That’s my wife!’

This is the hilarious moment an exceptionally cheeky monkey grabs a woman’s breast in Indonesia as her jealous husband looks on.

The tiny primate, which was filmed at the Sacred Monkey Forest in Bali, ran up to the woman as she sat cross-legged on the pavement.



Despite not having any bananas or other fruit to lure the little critter, it was nonetheless very keen to climb on her shoulder and inspect her torso.

Within seconds, it pokes its hands into her top and grabs her breasts.



Her husband, who is filming the monkey, says:

‘Hey! Hey! That’s my wife!’

He later adds:

They love you.’


The woman wrote online after the encounter:

‘Most people had bananas or other pieces of fruit to encourage the monkeys to come to them but I did not have anything to lure them.

‘They were simply attracted to me naturally.



She added:

‘The monkey groped my breast and tried to breastfeed after sitting on my shoulder and playing with my hair.

‘It was hilarious.’


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