Mother Arrested For Assaulting Boy, Who Was Sleeping With Her Daughter

As parents, there are numerous things that you don’t want your children to be doing. You care about their upbringing and would want to safeguard their interest during their days under your supervision.

The best that a parent can do is to ensure that their children are happy and are not involved in discreet or secret mischief. Another thing that parents need to ensure is to be calm and collected even when a problem does arise.

For a parent, it can be gross to walk into a room when their daughter or son is in bed with someone else. The event can be tough to handle, especially considering the awkwardness and the stigma attached to it. This mom, however, reacted in an unbelievable way.

The best part about being a teenager is losing your Vi*****ty for the first time. You can lose it to complete dork, or you can be sensible and ensure that you have the first time with someone you really love. Regardless of what you do, it has to be consensual.

A girl aged 16 years old called her boyfriend over to her home one night for steamy consensual sex. Both the teenagers had everything planned and were really looking forward to the night. The boy came on time and they walked off to her room.

They made use of the early hours of the night and enjoyed the experience of sleeping together. Considering that the couple loved each other meant everything to them, and they were letting nothing disturb them from their excursion.

Since it was their first time together, they were both extremely tired after their first try at full base sex. Both of them had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wrapped it up by cuddling together on the bed till midnight.

As the experience was new for both of them, they forgot to follow their plan and dozed off, without taking care of the details. Sleeping after sex at your girlfriends’ place can be a big mistake to make and the guy found it out the hard way.

As they were dozing off, the mom of the girl walked into them sleeping together. Jeanette Woods, the 35-year-old mom of the girl, got extremely flustered at how a boy could come and sleep with her daughter, without her knowing about it.

Since it was 1 AM in the night, both the lovers had gone to sleep and were well into their dreams after the perfect sex experience. Jeanette could not handle the sight of the intruder sleeping with her daughter on her bed and went, full psycho.

Jeanette suddenly lost her cool, jumped on the bed and started punching the boy with all her might. The teenage boy, who was dozing off, woke up all of a sudden to the sight of his girlfriend’s mom punching him with all her might.

The boy mentioned in proceedings after the outburst that Jeanette was straddling him and was hell-bent on breaking his face. He says that waking up to see Jeanette in this fiery mood and trying to go for her face with punches was not a cool sight.

Jeanette Wood is not a lean woman by any means and the outburst caused the boy to go into a state of shock and pain. He tried to dodge the punches but eventually ended up vomiting and wetting himself due to the intimidation of the event.

The boy says that he eventually broke free from her clutches and started running away from Wood, but she followed him in the house and kept throwing really hard and painful punches on the back of his head and his shoulders.

Woods Eventually Stopped the attack that she had so blatantly and brutally started on the boy and said that she and her cousins would come to him and would take care of him for coming to her daughter’s bed and doing what he did.

The boy says he ran away after she had given him the warning. In his haste and the sudden attack, the boy had forgotten all his personal belongings in the house and even left his car parked in the driveway of Jeanette Wood’s home.

Woods was not done yet and inflicted damages of up to $5000 on the car that the boy left behind. She has been charged with criminal damage, unlawful means of transportation and assault. She has admitted to all charges and is awaiting her punishment.

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