Movie studio holds breast model contest, winner gets hired as nude body double

The skills portion of the contest included holding a smartphone in your bosoms.

With Spring Festival fast approaching, body doubles are apparently in short supply, causing one Chinese movie studio to launch a contest to find the woman with breasts best fit for the big screen.



Sometimes known as “Chinawood,” Hengdian World Studios is an enormous movie-making complex located amid acres of farmland in central Zhejiang province.

The park is mostly known for its full-scale replicas of historic sites like the Old Summer Palace and Forbidden City, but last week it decided to add a new claim to fame, holding its first-ever breast model contest.



Young women from more than 10 universities around China took part in the contest with competitions apparently ranging from smushing balloons with their boobs to holding smartphones with only their cleavage.

In the end, one young woman from Chongqing managed to breast the rest.



She has been hired by a film agency as a body double for when actresses don’t want to show off their own bosoms. In her new occupation, she can make 10,000 yuan a day.

Meanwhile, the losers can always show off their stuff later this year at an annual International Breast Model Contest held in Anhui by a local plastic surgery clinic.


In 2015, the winner had her implants done just before the pageant. The following year, the contest was themed around promoting women’s self-confidence and breast health.

A busty young mother came out on top and later declared that plastic surgery had made her life complete.






















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