Mum ‘Puts Son Up For Sale’ After He Did This To TV

Kids– They are the apple of your eye, your pride and joy, possibly your greatest achievement – and also the ruin of all your possessions.

Georgia Joyce only took her eye off son Charlie for a minute-and-a-half, but that was long enough for her little cherub to smear Sudocrem all over her 52-inch TV.

The 23-year-old frustrated mum joked she was planning to sell her two-year-old on eBay.

Georgia had only nipped to make a sandwich on Sunday afternoon but returned to find the TV, sofa, carpet and Charlie smothered in the antiseptic cream.

She claimed to find her son’s actions hilarious and couldn’t bring herself to stop his ‘creativity’ because he was so proud of what he had done.

Georgia said:

He just does the most hilarious stuff. He is so comical. I’m really laid back and I just laugh at him but his dad tells him off.

He is very active. If you imagine the most destructive two-year-old boy that is him. I share stories of him with family and friends quite a lot.

The other day I couldn’t find him anywhere, I was searching the house for him and I could hear him giggling. He had hidden himself in his wardrobe.

She added:

I have found him in the fridge before. He has got incredible strength.

You physically do not know how tired you are until you have children but it is so worth it. The laughs and memories you get is unbelievable and priceless.

The moment you give birth that is it. It’s totally downhill. I have always been really honest about being a mum.

I’m just going to keep everything until he’s 18 because everything will probably get ruined. That’s what kids do. You have to accept that when you have kids.



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