Nervous Pianist Fails To Wow Judges, But His Surprise Ending Has Entire Audience On Their Feet.

This is a video of Britain’s Got Talent audition.

At the beginning, when Nicholas Bryant took the stage, the judges weren’t very impressed. The 33 year old pianist nervously chewed his lip as he introduced himself. “I play piano whenever I can.” he said offstage. “I’m a bit obsessed.”

Despite his nerves, Nick was excited to perform Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. “It’s a totally new arrangement that my friends helped me put together.” he says. Then, as he gets ready to head out onto the stage, he adds “Let’s do it!”

You can see the judges reactions at the beginning when Nick sat to play. They were not impressed by his skills, but it turns out Nick had a special surprise for them.

Check out the video below:

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