New Fashion Trend Where You Can Cover Your Breast With “Dickini”

Just when you thought that fashion could not get more ridiculous, it goes ahead and proves you wrong.  Almost from the year 2012, there is a different path fashion trend has taken. Fashion designers with the intention of doing some new or different making it very weird and ridiculous. It was “okay” from cutting the Jeans to coloring hair body color, but now it is becoming bizarre.

Introducing the “dickini,” a plastic glitter penis bikini for you to stand out at the beach. The designers behind the “dickinis” are two Berlin cool kids, Nan and Emilia. Their brand Namilia has a penchant for turning the faces of your favorite celebrities into fashion.

About size and shape of this “Dickini”, the material used for making this is sparkly plastic. It is available in small-medium, medium-large sizes. And if you really like this Dickini and more passionate about it. There is a beaded burlesque “dickini” or a charming leather bondage “dickini” is just made for you. This will inevitably turn on you and your partner.

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