A new Pokemon game coming to iPhone and Android – And here’s everything we know about it



When you’re on to a good thing it’s hard not to exploit it, which is why there is a growing list of spin-off video games carrying the Pokemon name. One of those spin-off series is Pokemon Rumble. There have been four Rumble games so far spread between the 3DS and Wii U. The trend continued on Wednesday as the company announced yet another Pokemon app called Pokeland.

In Pokeland, players will collect toy versions of their favorite Pokemon, battle through a series of islands and attempt to reach the top of the Champion Tower. All in all, it basically sounds like a mobile version of the Pokemon Rumble series, which featured many of the same elements.

The game, which is in development for iOS and Android, will require an internet connection and will also use players’ Nintendo accounts. Currently, The Pokemon Company is conducting an alpha test of “Pokeland” in Japan on Android.

Starting today, some Android owners in Japan will have the opportunity to participate in a limited alpha test. The test will feature six islands, 52 stages and 134 different kinds of Pokemon. Testers will also be able to climb to the 15th floor of the Champion Tower, which might be even taller in the final game.

Players who participate in the alpha test won’t be able to transfer their progress over to the final game. The alpha ends on June 9th, but there’s no word yet on when or if the game will come to other countries of the world. That said, Pokemon Rumble and Magikarp Jump made it over here, so Pokeland probably will too.

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