Nicki Minaj’s B**bs Instantly Heal Sobbing Boy

During her one of her concert at the in Belfast, Ireland, a young boy named Donnie was on stage with Nicki when he began to panic.

“I’ve been dreaming for this moment for so long,” he said to Nicki as he sobbed and covered his face. Nicki then hugged him and with a bit cleavage in his face, just like a medical miracle, Donnie was immediately better.

Nicki later posted the video on her Instagram page.

Next to the video Nicki shared, she wrote: “Get your life from the little boy in this video pls. Look at how he stopped crying wen he laid his head on dem thangz.

“They have real power beaming out of them that can cure the sick #Belfast I love u so much. Wow. Life tonight. #ThePinkprintTOUR.”


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