2017 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee: Journalist Who Exposed the Live Organ Harvesting Crimes of China

Investigative journalist and author Ethan Gutmann has been nominated for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize for his work exposing the mass harvesting of organs in China’s state-run hospitals from practitioners of the traditional spiritual practice Falun Gong.

Since 2006, Gutmann has been one of the main investigators of the crime of live organ harvesting ongoing in China since 1999. His findings reveal that the forced organ harvesting is actually a state-sanctioned genocide, meaning it’s fully funded and supported by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In 2008, he launched an independent investigation into China’s state-run organ-harvesting operations, interviewing high-profile members of law enforcement, hundreds of doctors, and refugees.

Gutmann, along with human rights lawyer David Matas and former Canadian member of Parliament David Kilgour, released last summer the report “Bloody Harvest/The Slaughter: an Update,” which expanded on research published in Matas and Kilgour’s 2006 report “Bloody Harvest” and Gutmann’s 2014 book “The Slaughter.”

The book provides irrefutable evidence for the forced organ-harvesting crime in China. One of the many interview subjects mentioned in his book was the well-known Taiwanese surgeon Dr. Ko Wen-je. The book describes how Dr. Ko went to mainland China and accidentally discovered that the organs of living Falun Gong prisoners of conscience were used in transplants.

The exhaustive evidence collected by Gutmann shows that the Chinese communist regime has been carrying out a secret, large-scale medical genocide in the country from 1999 to this day. The authoritarian regime had all along denied allegations that it murders prisoners of conscience, but it lost the argument when the 2016 report “Bloody Harvest/The Slaughter: an Update” was released.

Gutmann said:

The conclusion we draw is that the Chinese who are claiming to do 10,000 transplants a year―making them second in the world, are not, they’re first in the world, and they’re doing 60,000 to 100,000 a year’

These shocking numbers don’t come from just death row inmates; the other source clearly points to prisoners of conscience, and the vast majority are Falun Gong.

Since 1999, his research into the human rights situation in China, forced organ harvesting, and the intersection of western business with Chinese security objectives has received considerable attention.

Gutmann has testified before the United States Congress, the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Central Intelligence Agency, the European Parliament, the United Nations, and parliaments across the world.

Gutmann has been nominated for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize for investigative journalism and advocacy of a better China. The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on Oct. 6, 2017. Whether Gutmann wins or not, his groundbreaking research has certainly shed light on the gruesome situation of the Falun Gong practitioners in China.


However, Gutmann gives credit to all the witnesses, without whom there would be no story.

According to a report from The Epoch Times, Gutmann said:

I owe the fact that there was a story worth telling to the world because of the witnesses—the refugees from labor camps, the defectors, and doctors like Enver Tohti and Ko Wen-je.

All I had to do was get their story out. Persevere. Write. Get it published.

Live organ harvesting in China is undoubtedly the greatest crime of all times against humanity.

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