North Korea Has Conducted Another Missile Test That Landed In This Country

Media in Japan and South Korea have reported that North Korea has tested another missile. What is more worrying is that the missile, North Korea’s 14th in 2017, appeared to have landed in Japanese waters, according to Japanese national broadcaster NHK.

Although it is not confirmed what type of missile was tested, it is expected to be another intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), similar to the one tested by the country earlier in July.

The news is likely to prick the ears once more of those in the United States, with some experts believing that North Korea has the ability to reach the west coast.

This recent test comes just one day after the 64th anniversary of the Armistice Agreement of 27 July 1953, which signalled the end of the Korean War.

Aidan Foster-Carter, an honorary senior research fellow in sociology and modern Korea, Leeds University told

It is becoming a very rapid, very regular and somewhat alarming programme from North Korea.

The timing is unusual – they normally launch just after dawn local time, and this one is closer to midnight.

There was a lot of suggestion they would do something to mark the armistice war and they have.

With Donald Trump previously tweeting his concern for the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un, it could bring further concern as to how others will react to this news.

Foster Carter added

This is worrying,It is a state that can just carry on with these tests. However,I’d be more worried by a nuclear test.

It’s not only worrying about North Korea, but for a potential loss of patience by others – particularly the US.

It’s a situation that cries out for full diplomacy, action or meetings of some kind. Military action is not the answer.

There have been no reports from North Korea yet about the launch.



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