Then And Now Pictures Of ‘American Pie’ Show How Amazingly The Cast Has Transformed

So, you remember American Pie, right? This was one of those movies that teenage boys always loved to watch. We all and especially guys have watched the movie either alone or with friends. The movie was released almost 18-19 years before and it used to be one of the best s3x comedy movies during that period. We sure have lots of memories of watching it and we definitely know about the cast. All the actors had done justice with their roles and the characters became iconic in a very short period. The first part released in the year 1999 and the huge success was followed by other sequels. 

Most of the people who have watched the film for its storyline would undoubtedly agree that it was interesting to see the characters growing, and seeing the actors acing the plot. However, it has been five years now since we’ve seen any of them together. It’d be amazing to know how all the actors who portrayed our favorite characters have transformed over the years.

Keep scrolling to check out the ‘then and now’ pictures.

#1. Chris Klein 

#2. Jennifer Coolidge

#3. Jason Biggs

#4. Natasha Lyonne

#5. Alyson Hannigan

#6. Seann William

#7. Shannon Elizabeth

#8. Chris Owen

#9. Eddie Kaye Thomas

#10. Thomas Ian Nicholas

#11. Mena Suvari

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