Nude York Fashion Week! Naked models take over Times Square

Talk about braving the conditions!

A group of plucky models stripped completely naked and painted their naked bodies head-to-toe and then posed all around Times Square Saturday afternoon.

The event was called the Polar Bear Paint and was organized by a group called the Human Connection Arts.

After being painted the 25 models made their way to a bitterly-cold and rainy Times Square where they posed for photos with each other and other tourists.

Photos of the events show the models smiling and laughing as they posed for pictures for amused tourists.

Some of them posed on and with their surroundings, while others danced with each other and never stopped moving.

This is the first time models have stripped down in freezing temperatures – but the organization hosts these events multiple times a year. During the summer events there are usually a few hundred models painted and strutting through midtown.

Topless-ness is legal in New York, and full body nudity is allowed for specific artistic productions, making these events possible.

Each of the models were volunteers over 18 years old who paid a $30 fee for studio rental, body paint artists and security.

After being painted, the models lined up and walked to Times Square, where they posed for over an hour on the bleachers.

‘The theme for this event and for 2018 is movement,’ one of the event’s founders Andy Golub told Metro. He has been organizing these events since 2014.

‘First of all, our painted models become canvases that actually move. Also, Human Connection Arts is in a way movement. We support accepting all people and don’t discriminate or judge people regardless or how big or small, male or female, gay or straight, conservative or liberal.’

He said the event coincides with fashion week – and that he isn’t against clothing but just how humans use it to hide their flaws.

he said:

‘I just think it’s best not to feel shame towards our bodies, because that’s who we are’. 














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