What Do The Objects In Your Dream Signify?

“Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.”

As quoted by Austrian neurologist and father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, a dream connects us with our innermost self.



However, the idea of a dream is a mystery that even modern science has not been able to solve. Psychoanalysts have various theories about what we see in our dreams.

Here are some common dreams that we have or might have in our lifetime.


Being Late


It means you are losing out on an opportunity. It’s an indication of your hesitation to commit.


Finding an unused room


It means discovering something new about yourself. A quality that you were unaware of and can open new doors of possibilities for you.



Out-of-control vehicle


It means that you are facing a situation that is not under your control. Not every situation in life can be controlled and at times you need to move forward without a set objective.





This dream signifies that you are afraid to let go. It can be a situation, person, or possession. You need to understand that at times you need to relax and let life take its course.




Having this dream indicates that you have finally found a way out of an imposing situation. Finally, the weight is lifted off your shoulders.



Unprepared for an exam

The anticipation of being unprepared means you are scrutinising your own performance critically. It is always better to accept your strengths and weaknesses.



Naked in public

The way you dress defines your personality. Dreaming about being naked means you are feeling vulnerable and exposed.



Unable to find a toilet


The need to go to toilet and not being able to find one can be frustrating. The dream signifies that you are not able to express your own needs.



Teeth falling out

A tooth is a symbol of confidence. Falling teeth means a big dent in your confidence.



Being chased

Confrontation is something that most people tend to avoid. If you dream of being chased, it means that you want to confront an issue in your life, but are unable to do the same.



Physically intimate dreams


Dreaming that you are physically intimate with someone other than your partner indicates that you have an unfulfilled fantasy. It can be from any walk of life.




Dreaming about death signifies a symbolic ending of something. It can be a habit, relationship, etc.





There are different interpretations of this dream. Freud described it as a representation of a male figure whom you find attractive or threatening.

Carl Jung described it as an indication of transformation. There are others psychologists who argue that it can be an indication of some form of temptation in real life.



Being pregnant


This means you are in the process of creating something new. It can be the creation of a new baby, situation, or just bringing changes in yourself.




Seeing darkness in your dream is more common than you think. It actually means you are not connected to your inner self and are feeling obscure. At times it also indicates a failure in your life.




There is no argument that mice can often be the cause of irritation and diseases. Seeing one in your dream signifies the displeasure in your life. It can also mean an unhealthy situation.




It often means an emotional turmoil in life. Repressed anger is also another indication of dreaming of blood.



Killing someone

Did you kill someone in your dream? It means unconsciously you are trying to kill something unpleasant in your life. If it’s a particular person then it means you are hurt or betrayed by them.



Haunted Dream

No, it’s not remembering someone who died or passed away. It means you are haunted by a situation in life. It also means that your subconscious mind is urging you to ‘sort things out.’




Nightmares are a representation of our suppressed trauma. Thus, interpreting a particular one can help in making your life better.



Interpretation of dreams


Interpreting and understanding your dreams certainly is a path to gain a clearer picture of yourself and the surrounding world.


Why should you understand your dreams?



Nothing can summarize the importance of dream better than this quote by Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung:

“The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the psyche.”

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