Lauren Hanley: People Are Calling This Girl The Next Kate Upton

Kate Upton has become an ‘unmentionable’ household name across the world, known for her over the top looks, curvy yet slender looks, and captivating looks. Who could ever hope to top the woman’s looks? Of course, the likes of Kim Kardashian are in an entirely different league of their own, but we’re not talking about Kim here – meet Lauren Hanley, she is hailed as the NEXT Kate Upton.

So what feature has allowed Kate Upton to become such a resoundingly successful model? We have her astoundingly large chest to thank for this fame. Lauren Hanley, it seems also has the right blend of a large chest, tiny waist, and a big fanny.

What is slightly shocking is the fact that her Instagram following is on the low end of the spectrum as far as hot girls like Lauren go these days. She has only 216k followers; in contrast, Kate Upton has 5.4 million followers. So she clearly has a long way to go.

She’s a spokesmodel for Carl’s Junior

Lauren Hanley is the spokesmodel for Carl’s Junior and Hardees. How’s that for someone who just started off her career as an Instagram model? Pretty cool for a model who just only recently began her career back in 2013.

She featured Who’s that girl?

Lauren Hanley has also featured on Who’s That Girl and has done some photo shoots with them. She did a combined themed shoot featuring all things related to football and sports. They also did some swatting at some point.

Believe it or not but there is a background story behind her amazing figure. The girl is an avid sports player and has played soccer until well into her late teens. Of course, she gave it up to pursue other goals in life.

How can a guy get her attention?

Lauren shares the secret to what she digs into a guy. He must be confident without appearing arrogant. Just don’t be an ‘a**hole’, says Lauren. Because “I’ll immediately write you off” says the Instagram model. Pickup lines can also work but remember not to come across as arrogant.

What she likes in a man

Lauren was asked an important question. “Brains or looks?” And she said looks. Of course, this is a ‘no-brainer’ – any man who wants to have a shot at the beauty needs to come across as remarkably handsome himself.

Now this isn’t necessarily a one size fits all statement, but Lauren is pretty specific about the details here. She prefers jocks over nerds. So don’t come across as a goofy guy who speaks from under his nose.

Peyton Manning-Tom Brady rivalry

Of course being a bonafide sportswoman, Lauren is no stranger to the Peyton-Brad rivalry. And when asked which side she preferred, she had this to say, “Peyton Manning, I hate Tom Brady.” Her voice somewhat trails to a whisper towards the end of that statement.

And believe it or not, she does not like being a ‘Miss Goody Two Shoes’. She has her share of favorite secret curse words, the most important of which is ‘f*ck’. Which she said out loud on the camera without fear of any backlash.

Her favorite music

She loves old school rap such as Tupac, Biggie, Kanye and basically anything which involves hip-hop. She’s also a great fan of the album “Illmatic” from rapper Nas, from way back in 1994. This means she’s into some hardcore rap music.

She was asked about her favorite sex position (what an awkward question to ask a young girl don’t you think?) and she had only one thing to say, “A lot of guys don’t know that Jackhammer sex sucks”.

She is Miss Coed

Miss Coed basically means that the young model will go to different promotional events to represent a particular brand and just plain and simple enjoy herself. Past winners of the prize include Amanda Paige, Jessica Ashley and Tiffany Toth.

Massive social media presence

Social media is all the rage these days and if you want to be famous like Lauren here, it helps to have an Instagram account flooded with pics of your body in skimpy clothes. Of course, you need to a toned body like Lauren for that to work.












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