People Are Sharing Their Tinder Selfies And They Are Hilarious!


People these days have started preferring virtual dating, and tinder is one such amazing platform. The online dating platforms are really superficial and people love such things. People take a lot of time to select the best picture for their profiles as it is well said that the first impression is the last impression. After picking up the most suitable display picture for your Tinder account, one spends a good amount of time in making up the bio more interesting! People have started sharing their selfies on Tinder and they are hilarious!

1. This is the case with every tinder profile. The reality is harsh and when it hits, it hits hard!

2. This is exactly how one checks out tinder profiles while lying down in bed! Hilarious!

3. Exactly! We Wish of meeting up a handsome guy on Tinder, but we end our hugging our pet while checking our hilarious profiles on Tinder.

4. He seems a very genuine person! He has directly posted a picture depicting how he looks at Tinder! One of the best selfies!

5. That’s a collage of selfies showing professionalism v/s desperation! This man seems to be a pro!

6. Both the selfies, the smile is the same. Her expression is as if she spotted a hot guy on the app.

7. When you fix a date after match found and reality almost kills you!

8. She actually seems more happy and interesting when she is not on Tinder! *When you get to see a lot of bad photo expressions*

9. Miss Piggy is on this app as well! Interesting. Did she swipe anybody right?

10. These amazing selfies reveal the reality behind every beautiful profile.

11. A bit late, maybe! But the expressions are killer!

12. Bumble and bumble! The expressions are really weird.

13. Seems like she is checking out on a ghost! Hilarious Selfies!

14. The double chin is way too hilarious! One needs a lot of guts for sharing such pictures.

15. What one looks like on Tinder vs when one is swiping through! The pout!

16. These expressions come when you see back to back a lot of yuck kinda profiles! The pain is real.

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