These people had the worst possible day.


Bad days. Everyone goes through them. But then there are worse and worst days. The pictures below show what worst days look likes:

1. Cat be like, ” Why yo crying? Look at me, a lollipop is stuck to me and I can’t get rid of it.”

2. He was just 1 number away from the lottery everytime.

3. Someone is going to remember this bath her entire life.


4. Sometimes luxury can be a pain.

5. I don’t know how he breathed all that time in the garbage.

6. Well in this case the worst has already happened. #steeringbroke.

7. When you go on a ride which is 200 feet high and get stuck at 100 feet.

8. May be he is angry with the quality of Gasoline.

9. This boy will realise the pain when he grows up.

10. Not a thing is left to be broken. Congralutions.

11. When you know the jump is going to break your leg, so you take a photo of the situation first.

12. BURN!!!

13. I don’t want to be Ronald Wayne anyday.


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