These Photos Taken By Ordinary People Are Very Fascinating.

When you look at an incredible photo, you sometimes forget how much goes into making it look as good as it does.

Everything from the camera, the location, the people…it all have a huge role in making it come to life.

I’m not talking about the photos that you take on your Snapchat. Professionals wait a few years sometimes to be able to catch an incredible moment on their cameras.

These are the moments that we look at and think “wow, this is truly incredible”. But sometimes, if they are lucky, these moments can be captured unexpectedly…accidentally. They can even be captured by amateurs. In any case, timing plays a huge role in such photos, making the photos a complete masterpiece.

The first one makes you do a double take. Is that a stuffed animal? Where is the rest of its body?

Oh wait, it’s just a dog who jumped and the camera captured it in mid-air. The timing made this photo so incredibly unique…or it just made people worried about where the body of this dog went!

We’re all used to seeing baby photos. I mean, parents love taking photos of their kids… understandable.

But this photo and the timing made it look completely unique. The stork literally brought the baby to these parents. The fact that you see the clouds in the background makes it look better. You can’t plan a photo like that!


I’m sure the photographer didn’t ask these two love-birds to pose like this. How lucky is it that they were able to capture a bird who is so madly in love that it’s giving such a powerful kiss to the other bird!

At least that’s what it looks like. The power of such photos is that it’s up to your own interpretation. You can make your own story.


To capture a moment that lasts less than a second is truly amazing. We don’t really think about how a bubble looks like in mid-pop. It happens so quickly, why would we?

But this photographer managed to capture the moment and looking at it, makes you realize how incredible it really looks. It makes you wonder how the photographer was able to time the photo when the pop happens so quickly!



We’ve all seen our fair share of family photos. But the best ones are the ones when someone isn’t prepared for the photo to be taken.

You know, you see your brother in mid-sneeze or you mom mid-blink. But this Reddit user shared their family photo, writing “My very favourite picture of my father.

This is pretty funny, looks like this photo needs some dramatic music in the background for pops.



There’s something incredible about nature photos. Especially when a photographer can capture a unique moment that not many see in their lifetime.

This is the perfect example of one. How often do you come across a black bear and a brown bear together? Not only that, but how often do you come across the two of them communicating or fighting with each other.

This Reddit user submitted this photo and captioned it “The dance of Ying and Yang” (VivanTLopez).



This redditor is a wildlife photographer. They wrote, “Sometimes, extremely rarely, it just all comes together for a wildlife photographer. I’m so glad this time it did” (GeorgeTheExplorer).

Some photographers wait a while at sea to get the perfect photo of a whale jumping out of the water. It takes an incredible amount of patience to wait for this to happen…sometimes it never even does.

This person got pretty lucky to get such a special photo. The timing worked in their favour.



This truck was in the wrong place at the wrong time…but for this photographer, it was in the right place at the right time.

No one wants a disaster to be happening at any place and any time, but when a truck that says “It’s not a problem” is there, it makes things a little more optimistic. Hopefully, no one was hurt, but the timing did make this photo a pretty popular one around the web.


When photos can sum up people’s theories, that makes for a very memorable photo.

Everyone always says dogs are better tempered than cats, obviously cat people disagree. But if you take a look at this photo…it honestly just speaks for itself.

The person who took the photo got the perfect timing of when the dog looks like it’s smiling and the cat looks like it’s about to kill someone.


Service dogs put a lot into their job, so once in a while, they like to take a quick break and have a nice piece of cake.

This redditor managed to capture the most adorable moment of a service dog enjoying his cake on the occasion of his retirement.

Wonder if the person behind the camera knew it was coming and quickly popped out his camera…I’m really glad he decided to do that. What an adorable picture!


Photos that consist of humans interacting with animals are typically the cutest photos out there.

But it’s not often that you see a girl, sitting on the floor with a gorilla and explaining to him how to use an iPhone…or how social media works…you can honestly make up whatever story you want with this photo.

The redditor captioned the photo “Look, it looks cool with this filter!” (sapperdanman).


Seeing a humpback whale is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many. Sometimes it doesn’t even happen.

But getting the perfect shot of a humpback whale jumping out of the water IN FRONT or BEHIND your boat is another once in a lifetime moment.

Look how close the whale appears to be to the boat. It’s absolutely unbelievable. Again, the timing was everything to make this picture happen. It really worked out for us all.


This mother elephant is defending her cubs from a bull. The best photos are the powerful ones.

Not only is the photo itself unique and special, but it also has a powerful message for people.

One is to help endangered elephants but also showing how powerful these species are and how they are in their natural habitat. Pretty lucky this photographer was able to capture this moment.


People usually go through a lot to find the perfect lighting to make a photo look like pure perfection.

Something tells me this person woke up one morning, looked out their window and just saw the shadows of two cats introducing each other.

Pretty cool that this photographer was able to quickly take their camera out and capture this moment. It’s not every day you get to see something like this.



Whether or not the photographer placed that kitty there, we will never know.

If the cat just happened to be positioned like that in front of the pillow, then the photographer definitely took a pretty hilarious photo.

It looks like this cat is royalty. Judging how it’s positioned, he definitely knows it as well. That’s one adorable kitty!



Getting a photo of a lightning bolt is pretty cool. Getting a photo of a lightning bolt hitting a tree is even cooler.

This person managed to capture this quick moment of mother nature showing off how powerful she is. It’s a good thing the photographer didn’t get too close to it for the sake of the photo.

No good photo is worth risking your life…okay, maybe OCCASIONALLY.



Seagulls. You see them everywhere and there’s nothing really special about them. But sometimes they do pretty funny things, like trying to steal people’s food or their hats.

The person who managed to get this photo perfectly timed the moment the bird snatched the hat right off this man’s head. Judging by his face, he did not see it come. Not in the slightest.


Ever been on a vacation where the ocean is just super clear blue? We tend to usually see this on ads for resorts but this photo shows that whoever took this photo was in some pretty clear blue waters.

Just look at the boat! It looks like it’s floating up to the sky when in reality it’s just on top of the waters. The person captioned this photo “It’s not a hovercraft, just really clear water”.

This person was definitely at the right place at the right time. That’s for sure.

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