Pilot’s Dangerous Mid-Flight Selfies Go Viral

Brazilian pilot Daniel Centeno appears to have reached new heights with his dangerous selfie game, hanging out of the cockpit mid-air. But is he really that courageous and are the photos really that dangerous?

What at first glance might seem as the craziest selfies ever made, are actually composites of multiple images stitched into one by Daniel himself. He uses Photoshop to create these extreme shots instead of actually opening windows in passenger planes mid-flight.

And it’s not some trick he’s trying to pull off on his Instagram followers, he’s open about the pics being fake: “Photoshop mode ON,” he says next to one of his posts. And he doesn’t mind leaving some telling details in them, like his hair ignoring high winds or runway reflections on his sunglasses.

Despite this, numerous people have openly expressed their belief that these selfies were legit. People are free to believe what they choose but airline passengers shouldn’t be afraid of their pilots taking photos mid-flight instead of controlling the aircraft.

Over 78K people are following Daniel Centeno’s crazy Instagram feed, full of mid-air selfies.

Fake or not, these sure will cheer you up, and maybe even give you ideas on how to step up your Instagram game!

And there are some who believe the selfies are real

Even though the evidence is overwhelming


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