Wow! Plastic waste to Plastic roads

The VolkerWessels subsidiary Netherlands-based KWS, Dutch plastic pipe manufacturer Wavin and France-based petrochemical firm Total S.A. have announced an agreement to develop the PlasticRoad, a concept to build roads made from plastic scrap as an alternative to asphalt roads.


Plastic road concept first given by KWS in the year 2015. This concept can help recycling plastic waste and scrap into lightweight modules with hollow interiors that can be used for different purposes like they can be fitted with cables and pipes that can help drain rainwater. According to them lighter weight of the pre-fabricated road sections means the ground will be less prone to subsidence.

Some features of the plastic road. The road sections can be recycled again if they are damaged. They are three times stronger than traditional roads. The construction time of the roads will be reduced by approximately 70%. Compared to the traditional road structure they are 4 times lighter in weight.


According to them the first prototype of this plastic road will be completed by the end of this year.

“Together with Wavin and Total, we now have a vast pool of knowledge, experience and resources, and can take concrete steps in the development of PlasticRoad,” say Anne Koudstaal and Simon Jorritsma, the inventors of PlasticRoad. “We expect to have a first prototype completed by year-end 2017.”

If they can make this idea into reality then this will be a huge contribution to social problem of plastic waste.

To know more about this plastic concept road:

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