This Popular Adult Star Uses Earnings To Pay For College

Yet another depressing story to fuel your morbid curiosity. This time it’s a young girl who was the very definition of an text book student with promises of a potentially successful career.

Belle Knox is a popular porn star who is straight A student. She resorted to porno flicks in order to pay her way through university. Her story is like that of several others like her.

Student debts

The cost of a good education in the United States is tremendously burdensome. Not everyone can afford access to good quality education which can kickstart a potentially high paying career. Those that do go through college, end up with crippling student loans.


A depressing story

The more you read about her, the more your eyes well up in tears. Belle Knox had gone through so many bouts of depression in her lifetime that it once drove her to the brink of suicide.


Financial setbacks

Belle Knox did not come from a financially well endowed family and had to pay her way through college. The only way she knew how was to perform in adult themed videos. She quickly became a popular pornstar.


From Straight A’s to XXX

Her disturbing life has now been turned into a Lifetime docudrama called “From Straight A’s to XXX”. The TV Movie has generated a 5.2 from IMDB and 85% from Google users. It was critically acclaimed by many viewers.


She would make cuts on her own body

In order to cope with her crippling depression, Belle Knox – whose real name is Mirian Weeks – would cut all over her body. The marks can actually be seen in the pictures. The young girl claims that those days are behind her.


What her parents told her

Belle Knox didn’t really notify her parents that she was trying a brief stint at the adult entertainment industry. And they never really fond out until she told them about it. They were very supportive of their daughter.


But others were not so happy

Although her parents were completely fine with Knox starring in adult films, others around her weren’t. She came from a traditional Christian religious background and caused widespread controversy when news broke out. They were very quick to judge the young girl’s decisions.


Cost of an education in the US

The cost of getting a university education in the United States is extremely expensive. Knox’s father Kevin and mother Harcharan buckled under the weight of their financial burden and could not support their daughter – but they were equally shocked at her decision to pursue a career in porn.


Her first experience

Belle’s first film featured a violent sexual disaster in which she performed oral sex on her partner. Since then, her fame skyrocketed and she got more gigs. This meant she was able to get more finances to fund her studies.


Out of the spotlight

The young girl has been out of the spotlight for a long time and has largely tried to focus on her studies. She has majored in Women’s Studies and Sociology at Duke University. She is also one of the most vocal feminists ever.


She is no longer depressed

Belle Knox claims that instead of making her feel bad about herself, her X rated career has actually made he feel empowered about herself. Clearly the girl is extremely comfortable and confident in her own skin – she will move up in the world.


She has found a date

The young girl has found a date and had dinner with him at San Remo cafe situated in Greenwich Village. The man described her as, ‘Loud, wouldn’t stop talking about herself and she seemed very rambunctious.” Rambunctious means ‘noisy’ by the way.


A career in law

Belle Knox is now pursuing a career in law and is said to be pursuing a degree from a top university. She is a student at New York Law School. We can only imagine that some people would know about her.


We hope her past doesn’t compromise things

We hope Belle Knox’s sordid and grim past doesn’t catch up with her to compromise her career. It is very easy for word to get around and very easy to make it cloud people’s judgment of you.


Belle Knox would soon become a lawyer

The next time you hear about her, Belle Knox would probably end up becoming an acclaimed lawyer. So do not try to slide creepy DMs into her Instagram, you do not want to be slapped by a potentially destructive lawsuit.




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