Priyanka Chopra in Marie Claire April Issue and she looks smoking hot and talks about dating.


Over the course of a few short years, Priyanka Chopra has gone from breakout actress on Quantico to a bonafide red carpet superstar. And with an endless parade of gorgeous, yet risk-taking, gowns, it’s no wonder she’s already found herself on a handful of magazine covers.

Now, the star of the forthcoming Baywatch movie has just landed her eighth American magazine cover for Marie Claire‘s April issue, opening up about her romantic prospects, trusting her gut and living the American Dream.

On the magazine’s latest cover shot by photographer Tesh, Chopra, i.e. “Hollywood’s Most Bankable Badass,” wears a very fashion-forward red semi-sheer dress with crystallized firework embellishment across the bust and a metal stud-embellished black leather harness both by Gucci, paired with fine jewelry from David Yurman and De Beers.

Inside the magazine’s pages, the actress was very forthcoming about her love life, or lack there-of, telling Marie Claire, “I’m not someone who looks for love. I don’t believe in making it happen. My life has been shaped by so many serendipitous moments so far, I feel like, Why screw with a good thing?”

The relaxed, come-as-it-may attitude is unsurprising for a gorgeous star who has had a lot of lucky breaks in life.

Priyanka said she didn’t even consider herself beautiful when, as a teen, she was entered by her mother into the Miss India competition — which she won.

She went on to have a very successful career as a Bollywood star before moving to the US, where she earned a gig starring in the ABC show Quantico. She is also set to star in the remake of Baywatch, and covers this month’s Marie Claire magazine.



So it’s no surprise that the stunner expects everything to fall into place — even getting married and having babies. Speaking to the magazine, she said she wants to have as many kids as she can, adding: ‘I love kids. Love, love kids. I prefer their company to the company of adults, actually.’

And whether it’s her nonchalant approach to romance, unconventional career trajectory, or fearless sense of style, for Chopra it’s all about trusting her gut.


“I like to find my own way, which is something my parents always encouraged in me,” she says. “They were like: ‘You got you.’ I think my inherent sense of confidence comes from that. Also, my mom used to always tell me, ‘You could make the biggest screw-up on the planet, but you can come tell me and I’ll help you fix it.’ And my dad used to tell me, ‘You kill someone, break a car, you come and tell me. I’ll fix it for you.’” So a word of warning to those considering doing Chopra dirty, her parents will be coming for you.

In a video accompanying the magazine feature, Priyanka dishes on fun subjects like her first celebrity crush, Tupac Shakur.

She also says with a smile,

‘I will never throw out anything. I’m a hoarder! When my mom comes and visits, she’s like, “These are from five years ago! Why do you still need that?”

The star also admits she is ‘freakishly flexible’ as well as superstitious.

Watch the video where Priyanka is having a little fun showing her Stunt moves to Zanna Rassi

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