The Real Life Inception: Read To Know More About This Headband That Can Control Your DREAMS

In the 2010 film, Inception, the main character is given the complex task of implanting a memory into someone’s mind during a dream. And it appears that inducing dreams may soon be a reality beyond the screen.

A new headband called iBand+ claims to help wearers fall asleep by creating lucid dreams, allowing them to ‘fulfill any fantasy and experience’ they want.

iBand+ is a wireless Bluetooth EEG headband designed with the goal of inducing sleep and lucid dreaming. For those who have not come across the term before, a lucid dream is any dream during which you are aware you are dreaming. This gives you the ability to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.

It has been suggested that sufferers of nightmares could benefit from the ability to be aware they are indeed dreaming. Some experienced lucid dreamers have learned to remember specific practical goals such as artists looking for inspiration seeking a show of their own work once they become lucid or computer programmers looking for a screen with their desired code.

The outfit behind the device says their product is able to sense your brain waves with laboratory level accuracy. The head gear also embodies special health tracking sensors to measure body movement, heart rate and body temperature.

Tracking this information throughout the sleep cycle, the band then ‘plays and intelligently adjusts audio-visual signals’ to induce lucid dreams.

This is done through a combination of light effects on the headband, and sounds played through the band’s paired speakers, to ‘effectively deliver audio-visual stimuli’.

The sleep cycle consists of two main phases – rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid-eye-movement (NREM) sleep.

Typically, vivid dreaming occurs in the REM phase, while in the NREM phase, people can easily be woken.

During REM sleep, the muscles in our arms and legs are temporarily paralysed, which is thought to be a neurological barrier to prevent us ‘acting out’ our dreams.

The iBand+ is designed to sense this REM phase, at which point it plays the audio-visual cues.

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