Reliance Jio to launch 4G VoLTE phone at base price of Rs 1000.

The fire set by Jio in data sector is not yet forgotten and Reliance is planning to launch 4G VoLTE phone at base price of Rs 1000. These phones will be feather phone, not smartphone expected to dominate basic phone market.The VoLTE feature phones won’t pack in a full-fledged Android build, but they’ll most likely feature front-facing and rear cameras.

                       MUKESH AMBANI

According to source, It is also going to feature Digital wallet service in order to strengthen cashless transactions.This is not a simple but a smart move as 65% of India’s 1 billion strong mobile phone devices market is still dominated with cheap, inexpensive feature phones.This will be one of the masterstroke by Mukesh Ambani in field of phones.

           Note:This is not the actual phone.
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