The Rich Kids of Albania show off their lavish lifestyles

Most of us feel the pinch during January, but that’s far from the case of the wealthy millennials who make up Albania’s young elite.

And the snaps featured on The Rich Kids of Albania Instagram account are enough to have you crying for your home-made lunch.

This man, with a bottle of fizz in his hand, shows off his wealth by sitting in a bathtub full to the brim of US dollars

The budding moguls featured take pleasure in finding creative ways to show off their wads of cash; from spreading it across the dashboard of their supercar to using it to fill up the bathtub.

Other eye-catching images include one of a scantily clad woman posing by her Mercedes along with a tiger on a lead.

From their flash cars to their outrageous hashtags and watch collections to rival Harry Winston, these ludicrously wealthy individuals clearly have no qualms about splashing their cash.

Lucky lady! This blonde bombshell has been treated to a huge bunch red and white roses that spell out the word love

Most of us will have pet dogs or cats, but for this woman, the norm is to have a pet tiger

This man looks out over his land from the bonnet of his fancy convertible car

This girl enjoys a Snapchat filter and a huge wad of cash that she holds to her ear like a telephone

Someone welcomed in the new year by creating a display of notes on the floor to spell out 2018

This woman is dressed head to toe in designer clothes as she sits in traffic in her Mercedes

Why take either of the cars when you can cruise around your garden on a quad bike

For some reason, it is of importance to drive around with more than most people’s monthly wages

This person is clearly very proud of their material display, fanning out thousand of euros with two watches and a fancy bottle of brandy

Hope those seats are heated! This couple pose for a sultry snap in their car

One person shows off their bag full to the brim of wads of euros stacked in the 50s

his woman poses on the bonnet of her convertible BMW for the Instagram account

A watch nearly the size of this man’s fist is surrounded by thousands of euros fanned out on the table

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