The Rock Admits To Overselling Something For Beer


Way back in the glory days of WWE, before he was Dwayne Johnson and when he was simply The Rock, one of the best things about watching was the way he consistently oversold Stone Cold Steve Austin’s trademark Stunner.

You know what I mean:



Now, far be if from me to accuse Mr The Rock of over-acting, but during a recent chat on the Handsome Rambler podcast, Hannibal Buress happened to bring up this very phenomenon:

And The Rock could not resist clearing a few things up…

This isn’t the first time our pal Dwayne has spoken about his overselling. Last year a fan made a compilation of some of the very best clips and posted it to Twitter:


Dwayne responded by telling him he didn’t call it ‘overselling’, they called it ‘money’:

Atleast now we know that Dwayne is really the COOL guy.

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