The Rock Brilliantly shuts down guy who said ‘Wrestling Isn’t Real’


Over the course of his wrestling and acting careers Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has made it clear he is not a man to be trifled with. He is an extremely wholesome and pure man, but if you fuck with him he will you fuck you up right back.

Only a fool would want to mess around with The Rock, and it looks like there are a couple of them out there in the world. One particular risk-taker decided to take on the man with the muscles with a snarky comment on Twitter.

Dwayne Johnson posted a message on the social media site to congratulate his fellow wrestler Kurt Angle, who was making a return to WWE. “Congrats to my good bud @RealKurtAngle and his return tonight to a @WWE ring. Special athlete and great human being. Have FUN brotha #WWETLC,” he wrote on 23 October.

Australian comedian Ben Pobjie decided to comment on the supportive post with a serving of snarky humour. “Dwayne, wrestling isn’t real. It’s time you knew,” he wrote, not expecting the actor to respond in a matter of minutes.

You’ll recognise what he’s saying of course, it’s the most basic criticism of wrestling, the assumption that all wrestling fans are so dumb and thick that they don’t know the match results are predetermined. That they’re taking it at face value rather than appreciating it for its unique mix of athletics, theatre and camp. A point that could only be made by someone who misses the entire point of wrestling.

But there we were. And with The Rock being The Rock, he wasn’t going to just take that shit.

The Twitter exchange only got better from there, with Pobjie experiencing immediate remorse. “My worst nightmare has come true. The Rock thinks I wanted to insult him. I am scum,” he wrote. “I’m playing a dangerous game hoping @TheRock gets my zany sense of humour and doesn’t just have me killed.”

The Fast & Furious star then did his bit to put the man at ease. “Haha I just hit you back. Yes, I not only got the zany but appreciated it as well,” he replied.

Junkee got in touch with Pobjie to ask how it felt to be owned by The Rock.

“It feels good,” he told Junkee. “It feels like for once in my life, I am engaging with the elite.”

Pobjie said that most of the wrestling fans who had messaged him since the incident were “very polite, apart from the ones who have threatened to beat me up, the ones who have posted mic drop gifs, the ones who have called me rude names, and the guy who wants to ‘yell like Ric Flair’ at me. But apart from that there was one polite one too.”

“If it matters (probably not) I am genuinely a massive Rock fan, and it actually was really cool to have a bit of banter with him,” Pobjie said.

We’re not sure what the lesson is here. Maybe it’s “Don’t have a go at The Rock unless you want to be thoroughly owned and also end up having a polite conversation with him”.

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