Salman Khan’s New Film “TUBELIGHT” is copied from this film. Read to know more.


Salman Khan released the teaser of his upcoming movie, ‘Tubelight’ and people couldn’t control their emotions. Salman’s performance in the teaser has got a lot of compliments.

The Khan is ready to lighten up this Eid with a war film. Celebrities and fans from all over the world praised the teaser on Twitter. A few scenes even made people cry and it’s increasing our expectation from the movie a lot!


But, a truth about the movie has come to light. Many are saying that the movie ‘Tubelight’ is inspired by Hollywood film ‘Little Boy’ that came out in 2015.



The recently release teaser of the movie ‘Tubelight’ is telling another story. It’s a scene by scene copy of the movie ‘Little Boy’. A cursory comparison between the Salman Khan Tubelight and Jakob Salvati’s film shows that there are way too many similarities.

The character that Salman is actually playing in ‘Tubelight’ was performed by a child in ‘Little Boy’.

The 8 year-old boy in the movie ‘Little Boy’ is very close to his father. Who is left devastated when his dad goes away to fight in the World War 2. Here, in ‘Tubelight’ maker’s have replaced the character of the father with brother.

The brother’s character is being played by Sohail Khan. In the teaser, we can see that Salman is sad when Sohail leaves for the war.

Salman has a child actor playing the character of his friend in ‘Tubelight’ whereas, in ‘Little Boy’ the kid’s friend is a Japanese man.

Shah Rukh Khan is playing a cameo in ‘Tubelight’. His character in the film is a magician. Ben Chaplin played the magician’s role in the movie ‘Little Boy’.


‘Tubelight’ is the third collaboration of Salman Khan and Kabir Khan after ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. Let’s see how this Hollywood’s inspired movie turns out! But more importantly Bollywood should actually try to come up with some original story based movies of their own.

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