This is the cutest proposal I have ever seen

It’s an era of online dating and people prefer finding their partner on the web. However a one sided love story broke the internet and it all started in the Reliance Fresh store.

According to the tweet, the girl saw a boy who was wearing a captain america T-shirt at the store. She then takes the twitter to find the boy.


She tweeted: “To the cute guy who I saw at the Reliance Fresh today who was wearing captain America t-shirt. If u see this lets get married.”

Here is the tweet:

Shortly, a Twitterati named Rishabh Bhandari took a jibe at the girl and tweeted, “Went to Reliance fresh today and this cute girl was staring like she wants to get married to me or maybe she liked my Captain America Tshirt”

Other users also tweeted and the story went viral on the twitter.

Here are some of the tweets:

We don’t know whether the plot is fake or real but if it is true then this is the cutest proposal I have ever seen. No guy can reject such a proposal. We hope she finds the guy and marry.

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