This simple puzzle has confused many, Just when you think it’s cracked, you actually end up reworking

How good is your lateral thinking? Well, this puzzle may just help you find out!

This puzzle got the Internet puzzled. It looks easy and even kind of silly … go ahead, try it … what’s your answer?

The obvious answer that comes to mind, even without thinking, is “6.” Why is this so? Because your brain is hardwired into believing that the logical answer here is none other than “6.”

Now you are made aware of the fact that the answer is not “6.” This is where your lateral thinking skills come into play. Lateral thinking involves perceiving a problem or challenge in a different light so as to come up with creative solutions to a problem. So here’s the clue: where else in the real world do you see this pattern?

Another clue: Think of driving…

  Well? Did you get the answer? Think for a minute before you scroll down … and give yourself a pat on your back if you did!

Looks like we are on our way to developing our lateral thinking skills…

If you have solved it correctly, let everyone know by commenting below.

Here it is:

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