What Steve Jobs Did In His Last Moment Explains Why He Will Always Be A Legend

One of the few men who could call himself Steve Jobs’ boss, former Apple CEO John Sculley believes that Jobs was a man who could see things differently and changed the world.

He always saw things ahead of the rest of the world. He had a brilliance that was every bit as apparent back in the era when I worked with him as when we saw him when he was incredibly successful 15 years later.

Mona Simpson, sister of the late Apple co-founder, reveals details of the final moments Jobs spent with his family

The New York Times published Simpson’s eulogy, which was shared at a memorial service for Jobs on Oct. 16 at Stanford Memorial Church. She wrote how as a young girl she had hoped for her absent father to be “rich and kind and come into our lives…and help” her and her mom. Her dream eventually came true, but through her brother, rather than her father.

Recounting the manner in which Jobs approached death, Simpson said “what he was, was how he died.” According to her, “death didn’t happen to Steve, he achieved it,” adding that, as his breathing slowed, “he seemed to be climbing.”

“His tone was affectionate, dear, loving, but like someone whose luggage was already strapped onto the vehicle, who was already on the beginning of his journey, even as he was sorry, truly deeply sorry, to be leaving us,” she writes.

Simpson shared how Jobs’ final words as he looked at his sister Patty, his children and his wife, then over their shoulders, were “OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.”

Further, in her eulogy, Simpson said that novelty wasn’t Steve’s highest value but beauty was.

“For an innovator, Steve was remarkably loyal. If he loved a shirt, he’d order 10 or 100 of them. In the Palo Alto house, there are probably enough black cotton turtlenecks for everyone in this church.”

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