Stress Is Not The Only Reason Of Not Able To Sleep At Night Read To Know More About

If you are not able to sleep properly in the night and feeling fresh in the morning this may be due to the air you are breathing. Research shows that people who are living in the high level of air pollution are 60 per cent more likely to having a bad night sleep.

“The study indicates the possibility that commonly experienced levels of air pollution not only affect heart and lung disease, but also sleep quality,” said Martha E Billings, assistant professor at the University of Washington in the US.

“The effect was likely given that air pollution causes upper airway irritation, swelling and congestion, and may also affect the central nervous system and brain areas that control breathing patterns and sleep,” Billings added.

Researchers analysed data from about 1,863 participants with an average age of 68 years. They have linked air pollution to sleep by adding that greater exposure to two of the main cause of air pollution: nitrogen and particulate matter (PM) of 2.5s may disrupt your sleep.

Researchers used air pollution measurements, local environment features and sophisticated statistical tools to estimate air pollution exposures at each participant’s home at two time points: one year and five years.

The nose, the sinuses and the back of our throat can be irritated simultaneously by these pollution causing elements.

“Improving air quality may be one way to enhance sleep health and perhaps reduce health disparities,” said Billings.

The findings have been presented at the ATS 2017 International Conference.

A previous study conducted by scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health showed a possible link between exposure to air pollution and increased risk for breathing problems during sleep that can disrupt a good night’s rest. If sleep deprivation continues long enough, it can lead to depression, extreme mood swings, impaired brain activity and even trigger weight gain and chronic diseases like diabetes.

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