This college student received a message about her boyfriend cheating from a random woman but there’s a twist

What’s college for if not to people watch and recognize people by who they’re dating? At least that’s what Rebekah Pendley does. Even though she doesn’t intentionally people watch, she is a true pro at it.

One day Rebekah was minding her own business at the library when she looked up to find that she recognized the guy in front of her. He looked just like the boyfriend of Jasmine Rios, a fellow student she follows on Twitter. But then she was shocked to find him feeling upon a woman who wasn’t Jasmine.

She did what all women should do and DMed Jasmine.

She not only sent snaps but went into detail about what she saw and how something similar has happened to her.

Note that Rebekah and Jasmine aren’t really friends. They are just mutual friends on Twitter because adding a bunch of random people on social media in college is just something you do.

It turns out that the guy was actually Jasmine’s boyfriend’s twin. But Jasmine was so thankful for this random message that she needed people to know that women will always have each other’s backs.

Rebekah is truly a saint for trying to save a girl from a bad heartbreak. She was even about to “throw hands” for what is basically a stranger. Even though her cheating radar was off, she proved that there are people out there good enough for you to claim them as your bestie.

The Twitter world immediately started shipping a friendship between Rebekah and Jasmine.

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