Student stabbed 32 times by ex-boyfriend falls in love with fireman who saved her life

A student who was stabbed 32 times by her ex-boyfriend is set to marry a fireman who was a member of the emergency services team who came to her rescue.

Melissa Dohme, from Florida, met Cameron Hill after the fireman was called to the scene of the horrific attack in January 2012.

She was stabbed in the neck, arms, face and hand by a man who had been her high school sweetheart. He is now serving a life sentence.

The pair had dated since school, but Melissa noticed his behaviour change when she started applying to universities.

She told the BBC : “He became very jealous. He would belittle me and not want me to succeed. He would lie about things and if I confronted him he had an explosive temper.”

Melissa tried to break up with him but Burton told her he would kill himself if she left him.


Hill, a paramedic, was on the scene when she was discovered. He took part in the quick-acting rescue that saved her life.

At the time, Hill explained, he couldn’t shake the feeling that the two would cross paths again.

When first responder Cameron Hill first met Melissa Dohme, she was bloodied and barely alive. He had a funny feeling that they would meet again however, and three years later, the man who helped save her life, fortuitously, gained her as his wife.

The romance started 10 months after the attack when Ms Epstein was invited to the fire station to meet the team who came to her aid.

“I was extremely giddy because I was having dinner with all the men who saved my life,” she said.

“The more I learned about Cameron, the more I realised that we have so much in common. And this feeling that I was feeling was not just because he was someone who had saved me. I really had feelings for this man.”

They have been together ever since with Mr Hill supporting her through months of surgery and physical therapy. He was even with her during the trial in which her attacker was jailed.

The fireman popped the question by writing his marriage proposal on a baseball and handing it to Ms Dohme on the pitcher’s mound at a Tampa Bay Rays game. Ms Dohme, who works as an advocate against domestic violence, accepted.

“I had to go through all this stuff that led me to find him. I wouldn’t want to go through what I went through again, but I also wouldn’t change it because it led me to Cameron.”

The two were married and boasted a fairy tale wedding, complete with plenty of first responders in attendance.

The maid of honor, in fact, was the police officer who first found Dohme. Dohme now considers her to be her best friend, along with Hill.


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