Teacher Fired From School After Selfies Leaked Online

Everyone has a story to tell, especially if you have a hot body to flaunt. One just can’t simply refrain themselves from doing the task. After all, if you have it, why not flaunt it?

Unfortunately, however, certain judgmental parties just won’t live and let live. So when a teacher from Christian Public School did just that, she found out exactly how terribly it would impact every single aspect of her life.

So what exactly went wrong down the road for the hot selfie pictures for her? Let’s get the inside scoop on this sad and distressing story of a woman who just wanted to have some fun without random people flaming her for it.

A teacher had a pretty decent job in a Christian Public School but all of it unexpectedly came into jeopardy when she clicked certain pictures of herself. It was an unfortunate incident that should never have gone down the way it did.

Let’s agree that we all like to take selfies. But some people are just terrible party-poopers who don’t want anyone to have fun unless it’s on their own terms. And those people spoil the fun for everyone, even if it doesn’t affect them.

The teacher was flaunting a rocking bod in those pictures. Her name cannot be revealed but those pictures were pretty cool and she was obviously enjoying herself in them. It was all lighthearted fun and games, like all selfies of such a nature are.

And it was apparently a school that could not see the difference between the professional and personal lives of its faculty and staff. The school was outraged at what they thought to be incredibly scandalous pictures and its admin wanted to take action.

Apart from the students, parents and teachers, even the Father saw them which made him almost leave his priesthood. It was an incredible invasion of her privacy since the pictures weren’t meant for anyone except her. Alas, this is the state of affairs in the world we live in.

In the end, she was fired from her job! For nothing but an innocent selfie that everyone has taken at some point or the other. This is really sad, isn’t it? Apparently, teachers can’t have lives outside of their professions at school!

After all, she was in a teaching position which involves constant interaction with young minds. A teacher is responsible for shaping the minds of her students, and helping them develop moral character, these people say. They can’t be going about doing this sort of thing.

Teachers aren’t just teachers. They’re people too. Everyone in every other profession is free to take whatever selfies or pictures they want, but somehow a teacher can’t? That is incredibly dehumanizing since it places teachers on a pedestal instead of viewing them as humans.

It is children’s parents or guardians who are more significant to their moral development. Blaming a teacher for somehow exposing a child to sin is ridiculous, especially when the teacher is simply having fun on her own time! It’s not like she stripped in front of the children, right?

The real culprit is far from the teacher in question, who is actually just a victim. The people to be blamed for this entire fiasco are the ones who leaked such sensitive and private data with no regard for the consent or right to privacy of the victim.

The school’s actions are positively regressive in a modern society. Engaging in victim blaming doesn’t do anyone good, and contributes to a culture where aggressors can get off scot-free while the victims lose their jobs and face negative fallout from everyone.

That’s right. You can’t just restrict an entire profession from having fun on their own terms when they aren’t being unprofessional! If you don’t think what the teacher did was appropriate, then you no longer get to click a selfie of yourself either.

Because like it or not, we live in a progressive society now, and there’s less room every moment for the sort of misogynistic and sexist attitude that lets this sort of thing happen. The school is going to have to see what it did wrong.

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