This Texas Mom Ignored Haters and Made Her Body Part World Famous

In the world of social media, we all want our slice of the pie of fame. Instagram has quickly become the go-to place to do just that.

Courtney Ann, from Texas, is a mother of two children. In just few month she has got over 440,000 followers and has made her butt pics famous.

We know that it’s tough to get a fit body after giving birth to two children but this mom has proven everybody wrong and by looking at her pictures, one would definitely doubt if she is really a mother of two kids.

Her husband is also a great admirer of her body and keeps taking her photos, but not all the followers were happy and Courtney faced hatred, abusive comments, and trolls for her pictures.

Courtney Ann goes with the name ‘@texasthighs’ on Insta and she has more than 440k followers by posting her butt pics. She continued doing squats even after giving birth to two children and transformed herself to be a hottie.

Courtney says:

The account started as a dare with my husband who admires my body and he is always taking pictures of me and saying, ‘you’re so hot. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to stay in shape, but with kids and everything, it’s kind of crazy.

When her Insta account became popular, some of her family members and close friends weren’t very supportive and criticized her for posting naked pictures.

In the initial days of this Texas mom, she received a lot of comments like you are a mom, you are too old to do this kind of stuff.

By looking at Courtney’s pictures you can see how much hard work she put to maintain her fitness. Her family members and close friends even reported her account and it got temporarily disabled.

She wants to inspire people to work on themselves and grow themselves in any way possible. But she did not expect that in return you are a mother, you should not be doing this.

This Texas mom told a newspaper that her own kids aged 9 and 12 are not shocked by their mom’s posts. Though she deals with plenty of criticism every day, she has turned her Insta account into a small business.

She never knew that her bubble butt would be this famous and people will talk about it. She says that her husband never gets jealous because of her male fans. In fact, he gets more attention.

This Texas mom never bothered to reply to haters and kept posting her butt pics on Insta and it has become insanely popular now. She is surely a motivation for all the moms out there who stop taking care of their fitness after being a mother. The best part is even her husband supports her and that’s how a couple should support each other.

She added:

He would take photos of her, revealing to her how hot she looked. He was inspired by how she kept up being sound even with her bustling calendar.  As I’ve gotten more seasoned, I’ve attempted to remain fit as a fiddle, yet with kids and everything, it’s sort of insane.

It was intended to be fun and positive. I endeavor to continue everything on my page about being glad or positive or thankful or pursuing objectives, regardless of whether it’s physical or mental.

She explained:

So it was intriguing when I did begin getting a great deal of, You’re a mother; you’re excessively old, making it impossible to be doing this.’ I would consider well-known mothers who do attractive stuff or whatever and play around with grasping their lady inside, so why are they the main ones who get the opportunity to do it?

On the off chance that you work out and buckle down, why wouldn’t you be able to grasp yourself as well?

And as she tells even her own particular children, ages 9 and 12, are not stunned by what their mother posts. To them, it’s sort of wherever in any case, so they only sort of consider it to be, ‘Mother looks lovely.’ And they know how hard I work out.

Which is super strong considering when I was their age, all I needed to state to my folks were things like Escape my room!, Though she manages a lot of feedback on the web and off, she’s extended her Instagram account into an independent company.

Despite the fact that regardless she gets feedback on her page, she has taken it in the walk and transformed it into an independent company. She offers elite substance to individuals for $10 a month. The substance is elite pictures in a comparative style to what she as of now posts. So cool a bit before you go get your Mastercard.


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