The ‘Human Barbie’ Took Off Her Extreme Makeup And Looks like this is Real life



Long time no see for the “Human Barbie.” You remember Valeria Lukyanova, correct? She’s the Ukrainian woman-child who committed to subsisting on air and water alone. Her doll-like eyes and unusual proportions earned her headlines across the Internet. Valeria’s viral fame continues, as do her regular stints with saucer-shaped eyes achieved through intensive makeup sessions and spacey contacts.

Valeria, who may have enhanced herself through the dubious art of plastic surgery, inspired more and more other “Human Barbie” imitators across the globe. But there’s nothing quite like The Original, even though there’s no such thing as “original” when one modifies their physical existence to look like a Mattel doll.



The Original may have grown bored with the hours of makeup and prep time needed to achieve her drastic look. As such, she’s been losing the extreme look and occasionally posting pictures of herself looking “normal.” That is, she looks as normal as can be for someone who spends their existence at the gym and doesn’t eat or drink anything. So here’s the “Human Barbie” without makeup (most of it, anyway).


Let’s compare and contrast some more because this is a mesmerizing experience. Yep, we’re gonna flip-flop between photos of Valeria wearing her Barbie makeup/contacts and then her more minimal, “normal” styles.

She told Cosmopolitan that she finds the label “degrading” but knows that her fans expect her to live up to the Barbie reputation. So, Valeria still spends an hour daily on makeup and 5-6 more hours at the gym.

However, she doesn’t want to do the Barbie thing forever, so Valeria has a few alternate careers in the works. 

She’s been moonlighting as a DJ on occasion and also has a Hollywood career in her dreams. Valeria will soon star in a horror film as a killer alien. We wish her luck in her pursuits and can’t wait to see what she does next.

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